Reliable Garage Door Installation

Garage door installation is not an elementary task that can be undertaken by just anyone. You need to have technical knowledge about garage door components and skills to install each of them correctly. Besides, the installation process is dangerous, and may lead to accidents.

For a garage door to last for a long time, it must be installed properly. On top of that, it should be made of high-quality and durable materials.

At Premium Renovations & Services we have certified and licensed technicians with more than ten years of experience in providing garage door repair services and installing garage doors.

Our technicians will first measure your door to ensure that we install the right size. 

They will then show you hundreds of garage door styles and designs for you to choose from, and later provide you with a price estimate for the service.

Our garage door installation package includes the replacement of your old tracks, rollers, springs, and cables. The removal of your existing door is also part of our service.

Contact us today and we will make sure your new garage door will be in full working order!

Types Of Garage Doors We Work With
Our technicians can install steel, glass and wood garage doors. However, due to high demand, we work mainly with steel garage doors. Many homeowners prefer to install a steel door due to its durability, low maintenance, energy efficiency, and noise reduction.
  • Durable – Steel garage doors don’t easily break, rust, bend, or dent. They can withstand different weather conditions and are fire-resistant.
  • Low-maintenance – Garage doors made of steel do not corrode easily. They can last for a long time if maintained by regular cleaning.
  • Energy-efficient – An insulated steel garage door will prevent unwanted heat flow, thereby keeping your home temperature at comfortable levels, and reducing the use of air conditioning or heating.
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Rest assured that our garage doors are durable and made of high-quality steel.

Styles Of Garage Doors

Choosing the right style of garage door for your home’s architecture can go a long way in enhancing your home’s exterior. To help you, here are different garage door styles for your home.

Traditional Garage Doors – Traditional or classic doors are low-maintenance doors made of uniform panels. This type of door suits a wide range of home styles, including traditional homes and craftsman houses.

traditional garage door

Contemporary Garage Doors – The sleek and simple designs of modern garage doors go with almost any home architecture. Contemporary doors can offer your home a feature that’s effortlessly captivating.

Carriage Garage Doors – Usually made of wood, this type of door combines the rural of the carriage house and the convenience of an overhead-opening garage door. Carriage garage doors work well on Tudor houses and bungalows.

carriage garage door

To add a touch of your unique style to your garage door, you can modify its color, finish, and material. Furthermore, you can install add-on features. Windows and decorative hardware like strap hinges, clavos, and decorative pull handles are some elements you can add to your garage door panels.

What Is Garage Door Insulation?

Homes with insulated garage doors are more energy-efficient than those with uninsulated garage doors. Garage door insulation prevents heat loss during the cold months and excessive warming during the summer season.
As a result, your home’s temperature will stay at a comfortable level, and your HVAC system won’t keep running. In contrast, if you have an uninsulated garage door, your garage will quickly adopt the temperature outside.
We highly recommend installing garage door insulation, especially if you live in areas with extreme hot or cold seasons. In addition, when choosing an insulated door, you should look for a high R-value. R-value refers to the thermal efficiency of your door. Higher R-values mean better insulation. That means your insulated garage door is more effective at preventing heat flow.