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Warm, Comfortable Carpet

You need carpet that’s comfortable enough to sink your bare feet into but is still easy to clean & will hold up to traffic. When choosing your carpet, consider your style and where the carpet will be in your home. Looking for something luxurious for your bedroom? Or something comfortable but durable for a kids room or the great room? Premium Renovations & Services offers the best major brands and beautiful styles for you to choose from.

Custom Experience

The best way to choose the right carpet flooring for your home and style is to visit our design center. There, you’ll meet up with our team. Their expertise will empower you to choose the right carpet for your lifestyle and budget. Once selected, we offer professional installation to ensure the finest aesthetic.

Why Carpet?

Considering carpet flooring? This classic look offers benefits like: 

  • Warmth and softness you won’t find in another flooring
  • Better noise dampening compared to hard surface flooring
  • An incredible array of colors, tones, hues, and pile heights
  • Serves as the foundation for your furniture and accessories for a beautiful, unique style
  • Helps to hide sub-floor irregularities that wouldn’t work with hard surface floors
  • Can be placed over many different subfloors, even the concrete in a basement or garage
  • Carpet is an economical choice and is often much more affordable to install than other floors
  • Many pet-friendly carpet options are available
  • Green Label Carpets are available that meet, or exceed, air quality standards

Hardwood Flooring

From Elegant to Rustic Hardwood

Where do you envision your new hardwood flooring? Providing an elegant touch to a formal dining room, or warm rustic flair to your family room? Hardwood is versatile and sustainable, making it the perfect choice for adding a touch of style and luxury to your home.


Premium Renovations & Services offers a range of locally sourced hardwood flooring designs from hand-sculpted, hand-distressed, and rustic surfaces to smoother finish for a more elegant touch; to hardwood floors rich in character, complete with the dents, dings, cracks, and saw marks that are found in reclaimed and recycled wood planks.

Custom Experience

Discuss your vision for your home with our team at Premium Renovations & Services. The design process will help you choose hardwood flooring and design that makes the most use of your space and showcases your unique style.

You can choose from a variety of installation patterns, including striking chevron, thin boards to visually expand a smaller room, or wide boards to fill up a large space. Once chosen, we’ll provide a professional, full-service installation to ensure a smooth experience.

Why Hardwood?

Considering Hardwood flooring?

This elegant choice provides benefits like:


Sustainability, thanks to products made from one of the most renewable types of flooring, wood. A luxurious touch with floors made from real wood, from hickory to European white oak. The opportunity to customize your flooring to your style, whether it be elegant or rustic. A unique look, vary your floor’s appearance with different natural patterns, board widths, and other individual touches.